What breakfast to take to face the change of seasons and the arrival of the cold?

the breakfast is at the heart of many debates. Most important meal of the day? In reality, yes and no. It is important because it is the meal that breaks the night fast and must provide 25% of the daily intake to our body. It is strongly recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant women and the elderly in particular.

Only, there are 2 schools: those who are hungry when they wake up and who could not go to work before having eaten. Others who, on the contrary, do not see themselves swallowing anything. If you don’t eat in the morning, don’t worry, you risk nothing. Your health is not at stake! You just need to provide your body with everything it needs during other meals.

Those who eat in the morning, it’s great! It also prevents you from feeling suddenly hungry late in the morning or rushing to lunch, where you could eat too quickly and too much. Obviously, you shouldn’t eat anything and everything in the morning if you want to maintain a good nutritional balance.

A balanced breakfast for weekdays

The week, we generally have a steady pace of life. It happens that we have little time for ourselves and to rest. So, our body must have all the energy it needs to get through these busy days! The objective during the week is to favor contributions which are most lacking at this time of the year, that is to say the foods rich in vitamins C and D.

The ideal breakfast consists of:

  • A hot drink and/or a cold drink
  • A serving of fruit
  • A grain product
  • A dairy product

Regarding the hot beveragethe tea and the coffee rest of the classics but avoid sweetening them. Chicory is also a very good 100% natural and vegetable alternative, it is also produced in France. However, it is always better to drink a large glass of water to hydrate your body after a good night’s sleep.
Be aware that fruit juice is not the best solution in the morning, it is actually very sweet (even homemade) and contains fewer vitamins than you think. So to have your piece of fruit as well as vitamin intake, prefer water mixed with lemon juice pressed by you. Also, eat a fresh fruit, or make yourself a small fruit salad with those in season. The citrus are perfect for bringing vitamins C and D. Think in particular of grapefruit, kiwi, clementine or even orange.

The cereals are excellent, but be careful not to consume the industrial ones full of added sugars which will be fattier than anything else. Prefer cereals of the muesli type, generally based on oatmeal, seeds, or even dried fruits. You prefer it bread cereal? Once again, it is necessary to choose well: the organic wholemeal bread is THE solution! Spread a little butter if you wish, but you can imagine that spread and jam are not recommended. They are very rich and too sweet. To be consumed occasionally, like pastries.

Don’t forget the dairy products ! They bring calcium and vitamins D, so they are almost essential for breakfast. Milk, yogurt or cottage cheese for the sweet team, but salty fans in the morning, you can eat cheese.

There is a recipe that brings together the different ingredients: the bowl. If you only eat sweet, put yogurt or cottage cheese as a base, add fruit, cereals, and even nuts, hazelnuts or almonds for an extra taste. Add citrus zest for vitamins, and more than just enjoy your perfect breakfast with your drink. You will no longer be hungry before lunch while having eaten a balanced diet.

The bowl recipes we love

But that’s not all, if you have a big appetite, in order to avoid feeling hungry quickly or snacking between meals, eat a protein for breakfast. Eggs are perfect and can be cooked in many different ways. There is also chicken and white ham which are not too fatty, unlike bacon for example which is quite inadvisable.

For lovers of savory in the morning, prepare balanced sandwiches such as avocado toast: toasted wholemeal bread, a layer of cottage cheese spread on top, avocado, a poached or soft-boiled egg and voila! Spice it up with spices or ingredients that you enjoy that stay balanced.

The weekend is more cocooning!

The weekend is the time to have fun. Breakfasts in bed or brunch, if you eat balanced during the week, you can let go (in moderation) on Saturday and Sunday morning. Keep in mind the ingredients to eat in the morning that are good for your health, but you can be greedy!

Hot chocolate for children (and parents if they like it), pastries, homemade jam or even pancakes! It is important to let your desires do the talking. Salty or sweet, there are no rules as long as you enjoy it.
So yes, you have the right to eat good spread on a bit of brioche or on pancakes when you feel like it. Good pastries from time to time do not hurt! In short, concocting a gourmet breakfast is always good for morale! We are going to talk about the salty team again, do not hesitate to make brunches which allow you to make two meals in one while having all the necessary contributions and a very complete meal.

Here are some recipe ideas for your gourmet breakfasts or brunches

Remember that balanced does not mean tasteless! You have all the keys in hand to prepare the best breakfasts for your health and your taste buds.

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