Slimming Juice Recipe And anti Belly Swollen

In winter, it’s not just the cold that sets in. The extra pounds also invite themselves on our dream body to keep us warm. Aren’t they cute? However, we did not ask them anything. If they could go keep someone else warm, we’d be delighted. But let it be said, you can’t resist a good raclette party, or a family tartiflette. So, between losing weight and having fun, you have to choose… Or not! And yes, why should we say goodbye to the little comfort foods of the season, when there is a slimming juice allowing us to lose weight in a week ?

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The recipe for slimming juice to lose weight in a week

Our ally to say bye bye to fat that is too well established, in a week, is none other than the okra juice, a vegetable native to Africa known to be a natural remedy for diabetes. To make an okra juice, nothing very complicated. In addition to helping you melt away the extra pounds, this juice will only take you a few minutes to make. You just need to soak three to four pieces of raw okra overnight in water and drink it the next day, in the morning on an empty stomach, thirty minutes before breakfast. You can also choose to incorporate okra sticks into your daily smoothie.

What are the benefits of this slimming juice?

Okra is a fruit not found in all supermarkets, but the search is worth the detour. Because ? It promotes the elimination of toxins. Very low calorie, it is often recommended by nutritionists as part of a weight loss process. Moreover, to optimize your chances of losing weight, adopt a healthy and varied food routine, and do not forget to practice a physical activity allowing you to burn more calories.

here is the recipe for anti swollen belly juice

Because the bloated and swollen belly is a struggle for many of us, we have found an elixir to remedy it frankly. First thing to know, this situation of discomfort is very often the result of an excess of bad things: too fatty food, lack of hydration, sleep or sports activity are all causes, at the origin of bloating and toxins accumulated in our body. To overcome it, nothing better than a drastic colon cleansing with a purifying juice that is nonetheless tasty…

Know that this organ is fundamental for the proper functioning of the body because it will allow the proper elimination of toxins as well as the absorption of the good nutrients contained in our daily foods. This is why when the channel is obstructed, it should be purified to prevent bloating and the cursed weight gain due to a colon in poor condition.

A purifying and gourmet juice

To cleanse your colon, many experts recommend turning to this little mixture that works miracles! As a bonus, it’s super easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients that are already in our kitchen cupboards! With cider vinegar, honey and water, we focus on foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with recognized slimming properties.

This drink to drink daily for one to two weeks, would also act against bad cholesterol in the blood, acid reflux and excess fatigue. To concoct this purifying slimming juice, all you have to do is mix 2 tablespoons of organic cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of organic honey in a large glass of lukewarm water!

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