McDonald’s offers the McQuesadilla, a new vegetarian recipe with melted cheese in a limited edition!

The fast-food giant unveils a new recipe straight from Latin America with good melted cheese garnished with peppers and seasoned with a spicy sauce. Come quickly and discover the McQuesadilla at McDonald’s, it won’t last long!

At McDonald’s, it’s not uncommon to see new burgers appearing and disappearing from the menu on a regular basis. If some products we really miss (aka apple turnovers), others do not mark us more than that. While the golden M brand has removed one of its legendary burgers after 42 years of existence, McDonald’s is now offering us a brand new recipe that is tempting to say the least!

For this latest gourmet creation, McDonald’s has revisited a famous Tex-Mex dish: the quesadilla! This snack, very popular in Mexico and throughout Central America, consists of a tortilla and runny cheese. It can also be combined with other ingredients. And that’s what McDonald’s did with its McQuesadilla! So, are we on Mexican time?

The McQuesadilla, the new vegetarian recipe at McDonald’s

For its brand new “burger” (to be honest, we can’t really talk about a burger…), McDonald’s has opted for a vegetarian recipe! On the menu of the day therefore: a tortilla toasted with melted cheese garnished with tender peppers, salad and fried onions. But the fast-food giant has thought of spicing up its recipe with a very generous and very gourmet spicy sauce! Don’t worry, your taste buds won’t be on fire after biting into the McQuesadilla, we’re not at the top of the Scoville scale either.

In terms of quantity, the McQuesadilla may seem “light” at first sight. However, no disappointment at the tasting, it remains very greedy! Available as a menu or solo, you won’t have much time to (re)discover it so don’t delay! And yes, McDonald’s has no plans to include the McQuesadilla in its permanent menu, but we hope that this limited edition will be renewed regularly.

A challenge to celebrate the arrival of the McQuesadilla!

Several prizes are up for grabs by participating in the McQuesadilla Challenge. Credit: McDonald’s

On the occasion of the release of the McQuesadilla, McDonald’s offers a gigantic “Chillenge” (the challenge to chill in a way)! Just go to this link and let yourself be guided into the world of McQuesadilla. You can win dozens of prizes! Deckchair, cushions, enclosure… The real chiller’s kit according to McDonald’s.

So, want to bite into the McQuesadilla? Come quickly to discover this new recipe at McDonald’s, you will only have until December 19th to treat yourself.

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