Discover the big winners of our 2022 Awards!

Marmiton and Les Numériques unveil their 2nd Prize for Kitchen Appliances. 5 categories were represented: food processors, blenders, ovens, induction hobs and automatic coffee makers. Quickly discover the winners!

Being able to help you better choose your household appliances for cooking is the ambition of this 2022 list! We don’t all have the same needs (large family or not, everyday cooking or exceptional cooking), our kitchens and the space we have are different, but we all want to have high-performance household appliances that go together perfectly matches the decor of the kitchen and allows us to cook faster and easier.

In this context, the food processors are real kitchen helpers! They can REALLY make our daily life easier with their different functionalities: chopping, mixing, simmering or even steaming, they are the scullion everyone needs in their kitchen!

Same for the blendersessential for making smoothies, soups or simply reducing certain dry foods to powder!
The induction hobs and the ovens are substantial purchases in the kitchen budget, so it is essential to choose those that will be able to accompany you every day.
Finally, the automatic coffee makers will delight coffee lovers and those who can’t imagine the day without a little caffeine.

Food processors category: zoom on the n°1

The big winner is Magimix Cook Expert Connect.
This robot whose XL version came in first place in our Household Appliances Awards last year is a nugget.
The list of its functions is really very wide and allows you to cook more easily on a daily basis: blend, chop, mince, simmer, grate, slice, steam… We can’t list them all but one thing is certain , if you cook a lot every day, it will quickly become your essential companion.

Blenders category: zoom on n°1

Congratulations to Bosch Vita 4 Series who comes first in our ranking! A powerful blender, easy to clean and ultra safe to avoid any incident. It is the ally of families in a hurry. WE love.

Category Ovens: focus on n°1

Two ex-aequo on the ovens.
The ovens De Dietrich DOR 7586X and Electrolux EOC6P50X share 1st place!
If the 1st is perfect for people who cook a lot and want a top result, the second has a very interesting price/quality ratio and a simple handling ideal for beginners.

Electric coffee makers category: focus on n°1

It’s the coffee maker Siemens EQ.700 Integral TQ705R03 who wins 1st place. A safe investment for coffee enthusiasts and lovers of cold and hot coffee recipes. Its size allows it to adapt to even the smallest kitchens and its very large color screen guarantees optimal use.

Induction hobs category: zoom on n°1

Congratulations to Electrolux for his plate Series 700 EIS6448 which offers great cooking benefits. Its simple and effective design allows immediate handling.

How does this Prize list work?

In order to generate this ranking, we started by selecting the products. Digital test household appliances in a real situation in a kitchen in order to be able to compare the products with each other and to measure, for example, the noise made by a food processor during cooking or the mixing quality of a blender.
Armed with this know-how and the many tests they were able to carry out, they were able to provide the list of the 5 or 6 best-rated products in their category according to their criteria.

Then it’s the Marmiton Jury’s turn to take the stage to decide between the products according to the problems you may encounter in the kitchen every day. Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or a cordon bleu, whether you have a large family or not, it is important that you can choose your household appliances according to your needs.
The Marmiton jury is made up of 2 people:
– a Marmiton talent, Frédéric Benvenuti
– Marmiton’s content director, Claire Debruille
Discover their profiles in more detail on the Jury page of our awards.

The final prize list is obtained by compiling all the scores of the Digital and the Marmiton Jury. Certain points such as ergonomics or ease of use weighed more heavily in the balance because they were considered essential to guarantee simple and quick handling.

Find all of our 2nd Kitchen Appliance Awards

By clicking on the image below, find all the winners of the 2022 Awards and more information on all the products tested. You will be able to make your choice knowingly 😊

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